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Over 5 million square feet of real estate in portfolio, InvestCare has investments in 8 residential projects.

InvestCare Real Estate Investment Advisory division is a venture of InvestCare Group set up to manage and advise real estate focused portfolios. InvestCare has gained tremendous experience in the Real Estate industry as investment and asset managers backed by strong research and relationship. The Investment advisory group is dedicated to identify and create strong product lines to provide risk mitigated superior returns to investors.

Today, InvestCare Real Estate Investment offers numerous products aligned to various interests and objectives of the Investors. With InvestCare, you are a partner to quality, control and delivery.

Why InvestCare Real Estate Investment Advice?

Real Estate investment becomes easier and informed when a team of professionals performs the task of diligently qualifying investment avenues. With InvestCare, you have a team of experts at your disposal that performs due-diligence, exercises strict financial controls and discipline, monitors and controls to ensure timely delivery. What you get in the end is a risk-mitigated product you can become partner with comfortably.

Focus on absolute payment; Distribute profit whenever possible

While ‘invest and wait’ is a sound investment strategy, the same need to be modified for the endeavor we have taken in ‘Real Estate Investment Advisory’. We believe, investment in projects must be redeemed as and when possible. The partners should feel as owners and must receive distributions whenever possible.

Investment with a focus on partnership and relationship

InvestCare has remained in the industry this long because of its relation with investors. We work with them as we work with our partners. Our interests are aligned.

Investors are Partners; Solve their problems

We take our investors as our partners. We understand your problems while investing in real estate. As partners, we are here to solve your problems.

Selection of project for their viability and verifiability

All projects are good, but not all projects are viable. We verify projects’s viability before investing.

Control on projects and partners

If you cannot control, you cannot manage. We intend to manage our funds by maintaining adequate control over the projects we invest in.

Transparent operation

As partners, we expect you to be transparent. To have an expectation, we believe, we are expected to be transparent as well. We run a transparent operation.

Focus on quality and Delivery

Delivery is what matters in the end. We intend to deliver with quality by focussing on what really matters.

Investors as Partners

InvestCare always treats investors as Partners. And why not? We have aligned our interests accordingly. We grow only if you grow. It helps us stay focussed.


You can be assured of a transparent offer from InvestCare. We believe, transparency helps save time and keeps everyone focussed.

Strong Network of Developers and Industry

Through years of industry experience, InvestCare has developed strong network of trustworthy developers and industry connects. With InvestCare, you are assured of strong support from industry players.

Experience and Dedicated Team

Not only has our team grown, people have entrusted their career with InvestCare. InvestCare is a force not easily matched in the industry.

Focus on Management and Execution

We believe an organization can deliver better with coordination and control. We have a dedicated team of managers who keep their focus on managing the funds and projects.

World Class Advisors and Auditors

We believe in staying informed and advised. We appoint world class companies for their advice and other services.

InvestCare Real Estate based funds primarily aims at creating value from residential projects and real estate intensive businesses. Established in 2011, the Real Estate Investment Advisory division aims to create value by investing in viable projects across the country.

The funds under management are opportunity funds with flexible investment approach. Projects to invest are chosen with stringent due-diligence process to identify the ‘value premium’ over medium to long-term investment horizon. The funds are actively managed by InvestCare internal team having controlling access to the projects.

As a part of InvestCare fund, you share an opportunity to benefit from a well-managed investment operation that takes care of details on daily basis. These may include controlling access to projects, construction, financial audits, sales and marketing; most of these jobs you cannot perform individually. Effectively, InvestCare funds offers the same kind of engagement you always wished from your real estate investments, albeit, with a team of experts. With better control, you have minimized the risks over your investment with InvestCare funds.

Project Location Asset Class
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GRAND ONE Lucknow Commercial View Details
THRIVE INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. Lucknow Residential View Details
SECTOR-C Lucknow Residential View Details
B T PARK Lucknow Residential View Details
CONOPY Ghaziabad Residential View Details
ALTA CASA Faridabad Residential View Details
GOMANTAK GREENS Goa Resort View Details